Let’s talk peridot

In the realm of gemstones, few possess the unique allure of peridot. Known for its [...]

The Unique Charm of Raw Diamonds: A Designer’s Perspective

Diamonds have always held a special place in the world of jewelry, symbolizing elegance, luxury, [...]

Opal: A Gemstone Full of Fire and Fun Facts

Opals have captivated jewelry lovers for centuries with their mesmerizing play of color and unique [...]

is ruby the right gemstone for you?

Ruby, a captivating gemstone known for its fiery red hue, has a rich history and [...]

Conflict-Free Diamonds

How can you make sure your diamond is conflict-free? So what are conflict-free diamonds or [...]

What do I need to know when getting a raw diamond ring

There are very different types of raw diamond rings in the market and what they [...]

Australian opal VS Ethiopian opal

Many people wonder about the differences between Ethiopian opals and Australian opals. You may often [...]

Vena Amoris

Vena Amoris, or more popularly known as the vein of love is said to be [...]

A Brief History of Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrating and spending time with the one you love during your anniversary are ways on [...]

A Gift of Gratitude

A bridesmaid and a maid-of-honor are the ones who the bride wants to be a [...]

Doron Article

Everybody looks forward to a wedding. But no one looks forward to it more than [...]

Seal Destiny with the Perfect Engagement Ring

Putting a ring on your girlfriend’s ring finger is a goal a lot of men [...]

Three Types of Gold

Choosing the type of gold for your ring should be established on your personal preference. Gold alloys [...]

Fascinating History of Men’s Jewelry

Years before women did, men started wearing jewelry — for elegance, security, and even good [...]

Doron Merav’s 15 Tips for Your Wedding Proposal

It is really difficult to plan the day to ask that “question”. Trust us, we [...]

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