Doron Article

Everybody looks forward to a wedding. But no one looks forward to it more than the couple that are about to tie the knot and seal themselves to the forever that almost every one of us dreams about. So where does it start? Well, you usually have to actually get the other one to agree to staying with you for the rest of their lives. It’s not like the olden times anymore where you see someone or find out about someone and you decide they are for you, so you swoop in and get the parents solid yes and give out the dowry and all that hullabaloo. Modern days require more romance, reality and compromise.

You start by getting a yes to being allowed to date the person. The yes doesn’t just come from the other party, it would also have to come from you. You date, get to know each other and decide whether it’s worth taking the next step or not. When you do, you start only dating. You close off your charms to other contenders to your heart and stay true and loyal to the person you’ve put your hopes and dreams on. Maybe wait a few years, two months, to seal the deal by asking one or the other to get married. The timeline isn’t specific, it’s up to each individual to determine whether or not they are ready, this is when we say it’s all about the timing. Gather the courage to ask, gather the courage to say yes, and both of you take a leap of faith on each other hoping and wishing for the best.

Then comes the most trying part. Preparing for the wedding. There are lots of kinds of weddings, some choose traditional weddings in churches, or a garden wedding, maybe a destination wedding, a Vegas wedding, or just a simple courthouse or city hall wedding. Receptions can be large and outrageous or small and intimate, but the most important thing is that the wedding is all about the two souls being united as one. The decor, the cake, the engagement ring, the guests, the entourage, the ceremony and finally the wedding rings are all there to serve as proof that hey, this is it, the start of forever for the both of you. This is a start of the life you will build alongside each other just for the two of you and whatever family you have in the future. And those wedding rings on your left hand finger, are symbols, a promise to be loyal, to be faithful, to stay when the going gets tough, to love when all you want to do is to run away, and to get past every hurdle that life throws your way with each other’s help. It won’t be easy, but what a great thing ever was?

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