Doron Merav’s 15 Tips for Your Wedding Proposal

It is really difficult to plan the day to ask that “question”. Trust us, we know. We got a lot of question from our Facebook Page asking “What are your tips for a perfect wedding proposal?”

There is no certain answer for that, at the end of the day, what’s important is she will say “yes!” but with these 15 tips we’ll provide you will surely make the odds in your favor. Good luck and enjoy our 15 Tips to Wedding Proposal.

1. Beforehand, Talk About Your Marriage

Try to talk beforehand about getting married so you’ll know where you’re on marriage. When she shows concern about marriage, the time for a proposal may not be now. This will also help you take your partnership as you plan for a commitment to the next level.

2. Look for an Engagement Ring

It’s not about having fancy rings to get married, but it’s important to have one during the proposal because of the important significance of engagement rings hold. There’s no excuse. You’ve got to have one. If you’re worried about money, buy a cheaper engagement ring now and give her the option to upgrade the engagement ring in the future.

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3. Know What Kind of Engagement Ring She Likes

This is probably the hardest move, but in engagement rings, she will try to pick up clues she will lose about her taste. Look out what kind of jewelry she’s wearing, and listen when she’s thinking about the engagement ring of someone else. It may also be better to chat with your best friend, mother or sister to help you find a suitable engagement ring.

4. Let Her Family Know

Let her family know about your marriage intentions. If you want to be welcomed into the community, you must ensure that they are consulted throughout the entire proposal process.

5. Let Others Help

You’ll need some guidance if you’re trying to pull off an elaborate proposal. When you try to pull off an ambitious plan, you will need some help.

6. Wait for the Right Moment

It’s all timing. Make sure that your idea arrives at a time that makes the moment ideal. If it’s hard for you to find the perfect moment, wait. Do not become impatient during an untimely event and pop up the question.

7. Choose a Memorable Location

Choose a spot that is special and important to both of you, this might be the place you first met, or the place you first kissed. Whatever place you select, make sure it’s unique and romantic.

8. Consider The Proposal Special to You

These days, guys like to try hard to extravagantly or “out there” their ideas. That’s all right, just make sure it’s special to you. Paint an intricate mural if you’re an artist. Write a song if you are a singer. But if you’re not one of those things, don’t waste too much time trying to make a weird and showy proposition. A quiet proposal over dinner often suits pairs better.

9. Channel Your Inner Writer

If during the moment you’re afraid to get choked, write a poem or speech beforehand that you can read to her during the proposal. Write why you want to marry her and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her in your writing. Now that’s going to pull her heart strings.

10. Keep It A Surprise

Even though she knows you’re hoping to discuss it, she still doesn’t know when you’re going to propose it. The surprise factor in plans is a major factor. Make sure you take as many cautions as you can to make a complete surprise of the marriage proposal.

11. Always Have A Backup Plan
Proposals can backfire. If that’s the case, you will want a convenient contingency plan to make sure you’re not out of luck entirely.

12. Be Romantic

Even if you’re a low-key couple, it’s not that romantic to make a proposal over take-out. A proposal should be special, and a moment should really sweep off her feet.

13. Don’t Be Too Obvious

If you’re not the sort who normally shower your girlfriend to expensive restaurants with flowers, presents and dates, she might be suspicious the minute you’re trying to do all these things. If that’s the case, try to approach the idea differently. Instead of taking her to a swanky restaurant, choose a more familiar place – a place that you both want to go together.

14. Bend The Knee

Some times have changed, and these days we are all much less conventional, but be a gentleman and get on one knee.

15. Pour Your Heart Out

Even if you get steps 1-14 wrong, if you do it from the heart, you can still pull off the perfect suggestion. No amount of hideous engagement rings or crummy locations of proposals can ruin the love of marrying two people.

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