Vena Amoris

Vena Amoris, or more popularly known as the vein of love is said to be found on a persons left finger. This is why when it comes to wearing jewelry that special place is always reserved for the wedding ring. That special place when occupied sends one message to the entire world, that you are half of a whole. A part of something bigger, a marriage. A convent of two souls that have sworn to love and live side by side for better or for worse. That’s why when it comes to marriage, that ring found on your left finger carries so much meaning.

When you think about it, your wedding ring is also half of a whole, or to be more precise a part of a pair. Imagine having to share something with someone and knowing that in the entire world filled with more than seven billion people, and counting, you and your partner are the only ones who have that pair. But the time and effort spent in looking for the perfect set of wedding bands is no joke. Going from store to store, researching all different kinds of wedding rings out there is very grueling. The thing here is you’re not just looking for something that will suit you, you’re looking for something that also fits your significant other. A pair of rings that embodies you and your partners love for each other. A pair of rings that actually make a statement.

When looking for the perfect pair of rings there is no room for error. The wedding band signifies ones commitment to their partner for all eternity, ‘til death to them part as they say. So when you choose the rings you have to be absolutely sure that it can withstand the test of time. But more than the future of the ring you have to also be sure that its roots are pure and untainted. May it be a ring passed down from your great grandmother’s side or a ring you bought at an auction for a cause or something you and your love ones chose at a jewelry store, you need to be able to assure yourself that what you have resting on your finger is a representation of light, love and all things that represent a marriage.

During the wedding ceremony the ring acts as the final seal of ones devotion to their partner. It’s something you will be showing off for the rest of your life. Its timelessness is a factor that needs to be considered above all things. That when you grow old whenever your eyes land on it, no matter how long ago it was, you still get that rush of emotions and butterflies in your stomach when you remember the moment you said I do. So the moment that ring is slipped on your finger where the vein of love runs is like the moment the final piece of the puzzle is placed. Finally completing the picture of a happily ever after that everyone dreams of having.

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