A Brief History of Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrating and spending time with the one you love during your anniversary are ways on how you would show your partner of just how much you appreciate them. All couples celebrate the annual return of their wedding date and even celebrate the day when their marriage proposal occurred. Reminiscing and remembering the day when that special event took place is very important because it reminds the couples of how strong their bond and love for each other is.

Dating back during the Holy Roman Empire, commemorations of a wedding anniversary was widely recognized. On the 25th anniversary of a couple, the husband would crown his wife with a silver head-dress and a golden one on the 50th anniversary of the couple. Until now we celebrate this two hallmark milestone like we were celebrating a wedding. We even gave them titles which are Silver wedding anniversary and Gold wedding anniversary for people to know how long you’ve been married with each other.

Even in the past until today in some places around the globe, the government congratulates and celebrates with the couple for having such long marriage relationships. In commonwealth nations like in the United Kingdom, the monarch would send the couple a letter or a message congratulating them for having such long years of union. Even in Canada, the Governor-General would also send messages and letters to congratulate the couple for their 50th wedding anniversary. This situation is also practiced in Australia, where a couple receives a letter that also comes from the Governor-General. Even leading members of the parliament like the Prime Minister can send their acknowledgements to those couples who celebrate their 50th anniversaries.

Some Roman Catholics also apply for a Papal blessing through their local diocese to celebrate and honor the years of the couple’s union. It is commonly practiced on the 10th, 25th, 40th or 50th anniversary of a couple. The blessing comes in the form of a beautifully decorated parchment with calligraphic text and the present pontiff’s picture or image on top.

Most couples would exchange gifts during anniversaries. Many of our customers combine flowers together with a beautiful ring to their partner. It is also a good idea to match the color of the ring to the color theme of your anniversary. Like giving your partner a silver ring on the 25th anniversary and a gold one on the 50th. Celebrating your anniversary and giving them such gifts would serve as a reminder for the both of you of the love you have shared and continued sharing until today with each other.

Show that you appreciate your love one and delight them by ordering a beautiful ring from our website and match it up with a handwritten love letter or flowers.

Happy anniversary and may you continue celebrating your union of love with each other from Doron Merav.

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