Vine Leaf Raw Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Twig Engagement Ring Platinum and Rose Gold

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A handmade platinum and rose gold ring designed as vine leaf and twig in a fluent, natural composition.
The ring can be made with any of the available diamond and gemstone clusters and will be custom-made according to the set you choose.

The pictured ring is made with 18k gold and set with a 1.93ct champagne raw diamond accented by a unique 0.58ct Montana pink sapphire (sold)

Dimensions :

This ring is about 11.5mm wide at the widest point (depending on the stone size)
The band is about 3mm wide on average.

Stones Specification :

Set 1 –
A set of salt & pepper diamonds in a gray to light brown shade.
Total diamond weight 3.12ctSet 2 –
An incredible light champagne raw diamonds and a magnificent blue Sri Lanka sapphire
Total diamond weight 2.05ct
Total sapphire weight 1.29ctSet 3 –
A dark brown, semi-translucent raw diamond, and a Sri Lanka blue sapphire
Total diamond weight 2.57ct
Total sapphire weight 1.62ct

Set 4 –
A translucent trio of earth and white colored diamonds.
Total diamond weight 3.17ct

Set 5 –
A trio of orangy, brown, champagne translucent diamonds.
Total diamond weight 2.77ct

Set 6 –
Translucent yellow and champagne diamonds.
Total diamond weight 2.87ct

Set 7 –
A trio of translucent white diamonds.
Total diamond weight 2.32ct

Set 8 –
Translucent white diamond and yellow diamond with pink translucent sapphire.
Total diamond weight 1.53ct
Total Sapphire weight 0.68ct

Set 9 –
White, yellow, and champagne translucent raw diamonds.
Total diamond weight 2.72ct


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