Twig and Leaf Opal Bridal Set Rose Gold 8

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A set of handmade twig and leaf rings made in two gold colors and set with a beautiful Australian opal of your choosing.
The grooves in the bands are plated with black rhodium which emphasizes the texture.

Dimensions :

This ring pictured is about 18.8mm wide at the widest point, this would change according to the stone you choose.
The band is about 2.8mm wide in average in the back.

Wedding band – This ring pictured is about 4.9mm wide at the widest point.
The band is about 2.8mm wide in average in the back.

Opal #1 Dimensions – 6.7mmX8.9mmX2.8mm, 1.05ct Australian SOLD

Opal #2 Dimensions – 7mmX9.1mmX2.6mm, 1.1ct Australian

Opal #3 Dimensions – 7mmX9.2mmX2.3mm, 0.96ct Black Opal, Australian

Opal #4 Dimensions – 7mmX12mmX2.4mm, 1.57ct Australian

Opal #5 Dimensions – 8mmX8mmX2mm, 0.77ct Australian SOLD

Opal #6 Dimensions – 9.5mmX8.6mmX2.2mm, 1.ct Australian

Opal #7 Dimensions – 4.9mmX7mmX2.1mm, 0.41ct Australian SOLD

Opal #8 Dimensions – 4.8mmX6.8mmX2.3mm, 0.39ct Australian

Opal #9 Dimensions – 6.2mmX9.3mmX2mm, 0.78ct Semi-Black, Australian

Opal #10 Dimensions – 7mmX8.9mmX2.2mm, 0.88ct Australian

Opal #11 Dimensions – 7.1mmX9mmX2.9mm, 1.22ct Australian

Opal #12 Dimensions – 7mmX9mmX2.9mm, 1.26ct Australian

Opal #13 Dimensions – 7.1mmX9.2mmX2.3mm, 0.96ct Australian

Opal #14 Dimensions – 6mmX10.8mmX2.6mm, 1.05ct Australian

Opal #15 Dimensions – 8mmX12.3mmX3.5mm, 2.05ct Australian SOLD

Opal #16 Dimensions – 6.6mmX12.1mmX4.3mm, 2.4ct Black Australian

Metal Purity


Metal Type

Rose Gold


Nature Inspired

Stone Type


Select Stone

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

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