Raw Diamond Twig Engagement Ring Platinum 31

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A handmade Twig and leaves ring set with a beautiful raw diamond and two little cut diamond accents.

Unlike most raw diamonds that are used in jewelry the diamonds I offer are high-quality raw diamonds that could have been polished into fair quality polished diamonds, they are beautiful!

The band is made with black rhodium in the grooves to emphasize the texture.

Dimensions :

This ring pictured is about 7.5mm wide at the widest point.
The band is about 3mm wide in average in the back.

Stones Specification :

Diamond 1 –
weight – 0.54ct color – Intense White/Salt&Pepper, Translucent SOLD

Diamond 2 –
weight – 0.72ct color – Black , Semi Translucent

Diamond 3 –
weight – 0.71ct color – Intense White, Translucent SOLD

Diamond 4 –
weight – 0.71ct color – Black, Semi Translucent

Diamond 5 –
weight – 0.66ct color – Yellow, Translucent

Diamond 6 –
weight – 0.87ct color – Intense White, Milky SOLD

Diamond 7 –
weight – 0.98ct color – Intense White, Translucent

Diamond  8-
weight – 0.6ct color – Brown/Orange, Translucent

Diamond 9 –
weight – 0.75ct color – Black/Dark Grey, Opaque

Diamond  10-
weight – 0.82ct color – Intense White, Translucent

Diamond  11-
weight – 1.37ct color – Intense White, Translucent

Diamond  12-
weight – 1.16ct color – Salt&Pepper, Translucent

Diamond  13-
weight – 0.96ct color – Grey/very light brown, Translucent

Diamond  14-
weight – 1.09ct color – Salt&Pepper, Translucent

Diamond  15-
weight – 0.83ct color – Brownish Yellow, Translucent

Diamond  16-
weight – 0.77ct color – Intense White/Salt&Pepper, Translucent SOLD

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1 review for Raw Diamond Twig Engagement Ring Platinum 31

  1. Frank LaRoche – etsy.com

    The ring has arrived. It is even better than I had imagined. The gemstones are exactly were I hoped they would be. The precision of the entire ring is awesome. When I looked at it magnified, I was even more blown away. Doron is the MAN! He customized this ring and communicated clearly and patiently throughout the process. Yes, I paid for a service and product, but I cannot express my gratitude for the piece of art he created for her.

    Raw Diamond Twig Engagement Ring Platinum 31

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