Hidden Cross Diamond Gold and Platinum Engagement Ring

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A minimalistic handmade engagement ring made in solid gold and set with a unique, unusual, natural diamond.
You probably ask yourself what s it that you are seeing in this diamond… this is a 100% natural phenomenon created by a rare arrangement of micro inclusions in the diamond creating this cross/star pattern that you see.
GIA researchers published an article about these diamonds in 2020 but, even though they managed to see what they are, they could not explain why they are arranged so carefully in such a pattern.
Such a symmetric, well-defined pattern is truly a rare piece.

Under the center stone, I positioned a layer of platinum set with a dense pave of cut diamonds that shine through the diamond and add pleasant glitter to the ring.

The pictured diamond weighs 0.76ct and arrives with a formal gemological certificate.

Dimensions :

The pictured ring is 7.6mm wide at the widest point and 1.6mm wide at the back.

Stones Specification :

Diamond #1 – 1.03ct
Diamond #2 – 0.76ct
Diamond #3 – 1.51ct
Diamond #4 – 1.57ct
Diamond #5 – 1.04ct
Diamond #6 – 1.04ct
Diamond #7 – 0.89ct
Diamond #8 – 0.75ct
Diamond #9 – 0.79ct
Diamond #10 – 1.09ct
Diamond #11 – 1.15ct

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Pictured Stone, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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