Excellent item. Superb service. Perfect present.

I initially found Doron on his Etsy site when searching for a different type of engagement ring for my fiancée.

He was incredibly helpful in answering all my questions.

I live in the UK and my fiancée in Seattle USA! So it was being done over long distance.

I finally chose this one and a fabulous stone to go with it from the option on Doron Etsy site. I also changed the two tone gold option to include rose gold leaves which we both think look fabulous.

My fiancée opened it live on Facebook where I asked her to marry me.

It was a totally amazing event with the ring being packaged perfectly in a lovely gift box. She was absolutely delighted when she opened it live and it fits perfectly.

We’ve had so many comments about how beautiful and different it is from shop bought ones.

I cannot recommend Doron highly enough ??????????

I’ll be ordering a matching wedding band from him shortly ahead of our Christmas wedding ?

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